Thursday, April 01, 2004

SportsCenter: The Decline and Fall 

If, like me, you spent significant chunks of the 1990s watching Sports Center (if you really understood the need of the Michael J. Fox character on the first season of Spin City to watch all the rebroadcasts of the Big Show in one evening because each time "he was in a different place") and have since drifted away from TV, only catching the occasional Sports Center while traveling, you've undoubtedly been a bit dissapointed. You know what I'm talking about. A sort of growing sense that maybe ESPN had passed you by: perhaps you were no longer as hip/funny/cool as you once were.

For all of us out there Matt Feeney has written just what we needed in Slate: a longish piece arguing that it isn't us who've gotten less cool, it's Sports Center. He argues that what was the epitome of both ironic distance and knowing fandom in the Olberman/Patrick years has become a sort of ghoulash of cliches and hip hop slang in 2004.
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