Saturday, February 28, 2004

A worthy cause in NYC -  

McSweeney's (the creation and ongoing project of Dave Eggers of A Heart Breaking Work of Staggering Genius fame) is many things. It's a publisher of books (I picked up Nick Hornby's SongBook from them before it went main stream - still a purchase well worth making but I digress), a quarterly literary magazine, runs an excellent website and a nonprofit tutoring arm in San Fransisco (called 826 Valencia). Hot on the heels of all this they are opening up a similar tutoring arm in New York (called 826 NYC - no web site yet) for which they are holding a benefit at Symphony Space in New York on March 2nd.

Just to give you some idea of how McSweeney's approaches the tutoring arm, 826 Valencia is apparently (in addition to being a great asset for the community) the only independent (not sure exactly what this means in this context) purveyor of pirate garb in San Fransisco. How did that come about? Simple,

In San Francisco, our landlord required us to maintain a retail space. We hadn't thought of maintaining a retail space, and scrambled to come up with an appropriate theme. We knew there were no other independent pirate supply stores in San Francisco, and thus we had no choice.

So what will the retail arm of the 826 NYC do...

In Brooklyn, the storefront will sell superhero supplies.

In any case, this is a worthy cause and these guys are nothing if not clever. Stop by Symphony Space if you're in NYC on March 2nd and surely think about volunteering.
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