Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Iverson watch? St. Joe's! 

A painful thought for some: but are we watching the last days of Iverson's tenure with the Sixers? I don't have cable -- so I'm not actually one of the "we" who are watching. But I am, I suppose, one of the "we" who is wondering.

Also not watching, though wishing I were, St. Joe's still undefeated and now #2 in the country in college ball. For sentimental reasons, I always pick whichever Jesuit schools make the tournament to go far -- though last year I think I picked St. Joe's in the final four instead of Marquette's entertaining run. Maybe I was a year too soon with the Hawks??

For those that might like to use my own unorthodox picking methodology, the Jesuit schools that seem to make, or have made, the tournament are: St. Joe's, Marquette, Creighton, Georgetown, Boston College, Loyola Marymount, Gonzaga, St. Louis U., Santa Clara U. Have I missed any? I think Bill Russell may have won several championships while attending University of San Francisco, but that's a while ago.
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