Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Brooks Smack Down -  

In an entirely nonquantitative, purely subjective way I haven't been that impressed with David Brooks' tenure on the Op-Ed page at the New York Times. To me about 1/2 of the stuff he writes seems to make sense, 1/3 of it is wrong and the remainder seems (at best) delusional.

His latest effort is a nice representative of the just wrong class. As David Adesnik points out over at OxBlog the article seems to over estimate the moral content of Reagenite foreign policy (good democracy promotion, lousy human rights) and just misconstrue the Carter legacy (Brooks argues, basically, that Carter employed a lot of mush about root causes without a cogent plan).

To me the Carter error seems much more egregious (Reagen comes out OK in the assessment after all). As David points out, Carter, more than any other president in the last 35 years, injected morality into foreign policy. More than anything else, this moral dimension was at the core of what he did as President and of the life he's lived since. I miss it.
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