Thursday, January 01, 2004

Just when I thought I wouldn't read NRO -  

I get suckered in by a link from Oxblog who are tooting their own horn (but I enjoy their stuff so I think they should) to Dennis Boyles Europress Review Best of 2004 column. The key part of the column , at least from my point of view, comes at the end under the generic heading The worst's best. The worst's best is, apparently, the BBC car show Top Gear. I don't see this show in central Pennsylvania but after checking out the show's web site and Boyles' description (follows below) I'm now a believer...

...One recent program had British scientists doing tire burns — "the smartest men in Britain doing the dumbest thing known to man" or something similar — and another was devoted to testing the durability of a Toyota pickup — the sort of trucks that, fitted with a set of wooden grates, serve as public transport in much of Africa. The Toyota was bought used for a song, and looked it. It was then driven into a tree, down a set of concrete steps, tied to a boat ramp, washed out to sea, left on the sandy beach when the tide went out, and set afire. After each event, the truck started up and ran. Finally, the thing was parked atop a high-rise building, which was then demolished. When the dust cleared, the Toyota drove off into legend...

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