Sunday, December 07, 2003

The Dean Team (Howard Dean) -  

There's an interesting article in this weeks NYTimes Magazine on the supporters of Howard Dean. What's particularly neat about how the organization (really perhaps more of a movement) is described is that somehow Dean has managed to convince people who mostly feel disenfranchised that they have a voice in the political process. The result is a groups of supporters which somehow differs from the usual campaign structure...

At the headquarters of most political campaigns, there's a familiar organizational structure: a group of junior employees carrying out a plan devised by a bunch of senior advisers. The Dean headquarters feels different: a thin veneer of Official Adults barely hovers above a 24-hour hive of intense, mostly youthful devotion. When the adults leave, usually around 10 p.m., the aisles between cubicles are still cluttered with scooters and dogs; when they return in the morning, balancing just-microwaved cinnamon buns and coffee, they climb over pale legs poking out from beneath their desks and shoo sleeping volunteers off their office couches.
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